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Deceased estates

When a person dies their assets are managed by an administrator or executor of the Will. Assets can range from real estate and investments to cash and personal property. The role of the executor is to manage assets according to the terms defined in the Will. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • taking stock of the deceased's assets
  • administering legal arrangements such as shares, trusts and properties
  • managing tax returns and liabilities
  • filing for application of Probate through the courts to legally finalise the deceased estate
  • distributing assets to beneficiaries based on the Will or applicable intestacy laws

Tuggeranong Legal understand dealing with deceased estates can be a difficult time for family and the executors. We work with you to ensure matters are finalised as quickly as possible with minimal burden and cost. We can also assist if the Will is being contested or if the person died without a valid Will.

Estate disputes

If you’ve been left out of a relative’s will or are the executor of an estate that is being challenged it is absolutely vital to get sound advice on negotiating the legal landscape. At Tuggeranong legal we have decades of experience in resolving estate disputes.

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