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ACT and NSW property transfers

Transferring property can be a daunting proposition. Transfers can occur through a buying and selling process or through an arrangement where money does not change hands. For example, ownership of property may be transferred from one family member to another.

Tuggeranong Legal have decades of experience servicing clients who transfer real estate in ACT and NSW. We understand the legal nuances and speak the language of the banks, solicitors and agents. Our goal is to remove the burden from you so the transaction occurs as smoothly and quickly possible.

What happens?

We begin with a discussion. We walk you through the overall process so you understand the obligations of all parties involved. We will help you understand the inspections required; the buying and selling process; exchange of contracts; certificates of title; stamp duty; settlement and any potential concessions. It is our duty to ensure any specific conditions or details are included in the contract.

Once the process is initiated we will coordinate with the agents, banks and legal entities to ensure the transfer complies with all regulations and is carried out as efficiently as possible.

Property transfer services include:

  • Buying or selling a home in ACT or NSW
  • Transfer without monetary consideration
  • Buying or selling residential real estate
  • Commercial real estate transfers
  • Rural real estate including vacant blocks and subdivisions
  • Investment properties
  • Property developments
  • Purchasing off the plan

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